Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shout out

I'd like to do a shout out to all my friends at school, all those on my buddy list on CP and my mum and dad. Hi!! My buddies on CP are in fact Chrisdog- you know who he is!-, Eskiguy- a girl actuly!-, Soda1001-my sister.. Mum & Dad will get that-, Aquadude7676-Dragon dad.. he'll get that- and Jadea4321-nothing to say about her-. Well I do sometimes see a fan who shouts; OMG!! IT'S STARS!!!- and if that's you, people are starting to think I'm wiered so please don't do that, and I know that becuase they reply; ?. I cover it up by when the fan leaves I say; Do any of you know who that is??? Nice save GG as my friends would say and I think my friend code name: Beaver (they know who they are) would say LOL. If none of this make sense to you I'd advise to get girl who uses thier phone alot- like mwa!- to translate. I have no idea how to spell mwa... Any way I think this is the longest post I have written that just has plain words that isn't cheats like most of my other posts.

Have you guys checked out the new party? Well if your not doing the comp you don't have to but you can if you want to I surrpose... Well that's it for now!

Waddling out

5. *ret cod*

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New party!!

Awsome Rockhopper party on at the moment! I can't say 'cause of the contest on at the moment.
Any way, I'm sorry the poll is cut off. Back to the party! It's sooo cool! You guys NEED to check it out. There are new games, prizes and a catalog with school clothes in it, even a laptop!!!!
In the pic I whited out the names and clues to what it is.. No cheating!


  1. What is Rockhopper's 4. *sec* ship called?
  2. What was the latest party called?
  3. Where on the list, on miniclip, is CP at the moment?
  4. What is on the iceburg at the moment?
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