Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rare names

Sometimes people have names wich are hard to get on clubpenguin. They are called rare names. My name is an ok rare name. Usally a rare name doesn't have numbers in it like this:

*rare name: Bob
*common name: Bob 1675

Get it? My name is surposed to have a number in it so that makes it ok, in the middle, uncommon whatever. I have made it my duty to look for names which are quite rare or just cool

so far I have:

no comment- she thought it was a joke :P

Derc: "wait what?"
Me: "Your going on my blog, your gonna be famous!"
Derc: "Why?"
Me: "Just go with it"
Derc: "Ok"
Me: "Have you got any thing to say for my readers?"
Derc: "No"

Have u seen this Penguin?

LOL! I love this guy! You should watch out for him and ask him for his autograph! Hes dressing up like this and going round saying his justin beiber! I hope he becomes famous....