Saturday, June 27, 2009

Invisible Ninja

Some people need to know how to become a invisible ninja in club penguin. Well, all you have to do is click out side the chat box and push the down arrow. Some people also need to know "what odour do the gongs go in?" I don't know witch gongs your talking about so those of you that need to know please comment and tell me what gongs so I can post about it. I think your talking about the ones in the secret ninja hide-out. Again please tell me!

Waddling' out!

P.S If it is the ones in the hideout then there is no odour.

No coin bonus/ Special offer

Know the no coin bonus on jet pack adventure? I found out you can do it twice! 2000 coins coming your way!

Wanna chance to MEET STARS?
sorry 'bout the capitals, thought it made an effect. Pass that. Alright....


WHEN: Sunday 28th June, any time from 7am-6pm New Zealand time.

WHERE: On your computer, on club penguin, Wool Sock, my iggy

Ohhh.... CP gettin' better!

Hey everybody,
CP is at the top of their game! Miniclip, 'The world's biggest free online games site', thinks that CP is the best online game there is! I am wowed. I love Miniclip, in fact, that's where I found CP 2 years ago..... hmm, that makes me sound old. Any way, the way CP's rolling it looks like more parties, games, clothes and igloos for all of us! I bet penguins are lining up to be digitalised into cartoon penguins. Hey- how much do YOU like CP? hmm?
Cheek out the new poll on Sunday or maybe later today. Oh and if you want proof of all this (if you need it!), cheek out the site (up top) or just believe me. I'm not kidding around! I would give you pictures but my computer's crammed.

"Oh! Mummy can I go on Club Penguin?"

"Oh, of course dear! Have fun! Every sensible mother penguin sends their baby off to Club Penguin!"

Rollin' Out!
Or should I say, Waddling out?!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Secrets Reveled!

I have gotten some old and new "secrets reveled" pages from the news papers. Here they are. If you can't read them I'll write underneath what it says.

Whole new look and a whole new.... igloo?

Hey there CP fans!
Guess who's new and funky!
My new igloo comes with a whole new look for me. I have unlocked some things online on CP and I love them! Wanna see? I take that as a "yes Stars!".

Here's my igloo. There is a corner for my puffles... let's see....Oh! A corner for my flowers.... Aha! and a corner for me.

My reading corner is below. My puffles and me are enjoying our story, and they lived happily ever after!
See you next time CP fans!


Hey everyone!
Loads of penguins join up tip the iceberg!

Can you spot yours truly?

Here I am!!! I also have a cool new igloo. Make sure to cheek out the new poll and watch out for secrets and tips coming up. Have a peek at my new igloo and stay cool penguins!