Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ohhh.... CP gettin' better!

Hey everybody,
CP is at the top of their game! Miniclip, 'The world's biggest free online games site', thinks that CP is the best online game there is! I am wowed. I love Miniclip, in fact, that's where I found CP 2 years ago..... hmm, that makes me sound old. Any way, the way CP's rolling it looks like more parties, games, clothes and igloos for all of us! I bet penguins are lining up to be digitalised into cartoon penguins. Hey- how much do YOU like CP? hmm?
Cheek out the new poll on Sunday or maybe later today. Oh and if you want proof of all this (if you need it!), cheek out the site (up top) or just believe me. I'm not kidding around! I would give you pictures but my computer's crammed.

"Oh! Mummy can I go on Club Penguin?"

"Oh, of course dear! Have fun! Every sensible mother penguin sends their baby off to Club Penguin!"

Rollin' Out!
Or should I say, Waddling out?!

1 comment:

  1. lolololololololololololololol this reminds me of pingo a creepy tv show about a penguin with
    a beek that extends five times his size lolol