Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rare names

Sometimes people have names wich are hard to get on clubpenguin. They are called rare names. My name is an ok rare name. Usally a rare name doesn't have numbers in it like this:

*rare name: Bob
*common name: Bob 1675

Get it? My name is surposed to have a number in it so that makes it ok, in the middle, uncommon whatever. I have made it my duty to look for names which are quite rare or just cool

so far I have:

no comment- she thought it was a joke :P

Derc: "wait what?"
Me: "Your going on my blog, your gonna be famous!"
Derc: "Why?"
Me: "Just go with it"
Derc: "Ok"
Me: "Have you got any thing to say for my readers?"
Derc: "No"

Have u seen this Penguin?

LOL! I love this guy! You should watch out for him and ask him for his autograph! Hes dressing up like this and going round saying his justin beiber! I hope he becomes famous....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cool Glitch

Hello, Hello! I have discovered a cool glitch in the box dimension (tell you how to get there later)!
You can walk ontop of the gaps in the ground!

How to do it: it's extremly simple!

  1. go to a members igloo and see if it has this box (left picture)
  2. go into the box dimension by standing on top of it
  3. walk on top of the gap

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekly Poll

Sorry it isn't in the side bar but it dosn't fit so you can't see...

RE: Hit Counter (Going, Going...)

I think the hit counter is broken. it said 100 before now it's gone back down and it's like 30. So I don't know what's wrong with it but i'll try to fix it so stay with me ok?
If your wondering where all the posts are i'm just saying i'm kida getting to that age where club penguin is boring but i'll keep posting aslong as posible before i'm bored outta my jeans ok?


Friday, April 30, 2010

Hit Counter!!!

We now have a hit counter that the Hit counter has just been started up so what ever it says you're WWWAAAAYYYY above that. I logged on just now and I was like: "WTH?!?!? I'm only visitor numeral 22?!?!?!" so yea... bye!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth day!!!!

Happy Earth day every one! CP is going green! help clean up CP and earn the Recycle badge. Here are where the rubbish is.

The 1st item is at the Coffee Shop:

The 2nd one is at the Pet Shop:

The 3rd one is at the Cove:

The 4th one is at the Dojo Courtyard:

The 5th one is at the Book Room:

The 6th one is at the Forest:

The 7th one is at the Ski Village:

The 8th, and the last one is at the Mine Shack:

Congratulation penguin! You’ve completed the recycle Hunt, and are now eligible to claim your prize :D !

Just click on ‘Claim Prize’ to get your reward! The prize that you get is the Recycle Pin! Check it out…

Now that you have that cool Recycle Pin, you can visit the recycle Plant in the Mine Shack! Check it out…

*Pictures by Vipansh

In the Recycle Plant Room, when you throw snow balls, you through the trash you collected in the Recycle/Scavenger hunt! Try it out yourself! I also got the news that the Recycle Plant is gonna stay after the Earth day party Ends! That’s Fantastic! What do you think? Comment and tell us! In the end, just spread the message, and awareness about earth protection