Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth day!!!!

Happy Earth day every one! CP is going green! help clean up CP and earn the Recycle badge. Here are where the rubbish is.

The 1st item is at the Coffee Shop:

The 2nd one is at the Pet Shop:

The 3rd one is at the Cove:

The 4th one is at the Dojo Courtyard:

The 5th one is at the Book Room:

The 6th one is at the Forest:

The 7th one is at the Ski Village:

The 8th, and the last one is at the Mine Shack:

Congratulation penguin! You’ve completed the recycle Hunt, and are now eligible to claim your prize :D !

Just click on ‘Claim Prize’ to get your reward! The prize that you get is the Recycle Pin! Check it out…

Now that you have that cool Recycle Pin, you can visit the recycle Plant in the Mine Shack! Check it out…

*Pictures by Vipansh

In the Recycle Plant Room, when you throw snow balls, you through the trash you collected in the Recycle/Scavenger hunt! Try it out yourself! I also got the news that the Recycle Plant is gonna stay after the Earth day party Ends! That’s Fantastic! What do you think? Comment and tell us! In the end, just spread the message, and awareness about earth protection



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