Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cool Glitch

Hello, Hello! I have discovered a cool glitch in the box dimension (tell you how to get there later)!
You can walk ontop of the gaps in the ground!

How to do it: it's extremly simple!

  1. go to a members igloo and see if it has this box (left picture)
  2. go into the box dimension by standing on top of it
  3. walk on top of the gap

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekly Poll

Sorry it isn't in the side bar but it dosn't fit so you can't see...

RE: Hit Counter (Going, Going...)

I think the hit counter is broken. it said 100 before now it's gone back down and it's like 30. So I don't know what's wrong with it but i'll try to fix it so stay with me ok?
If your wondering where all the posts are i'm just saying i'm kida getting to that age where club penguin is boring but i'll keep posting aslong as posible before i'm bored outta my jeans ok?


Friday, April 30, 2010

Hit Counter!!!

We now have a hit counter that the Hit counter has just been started up so what ever it says you're WWWAAAAYYYY above that. I logged on just now and I was like: "WTH?!?!? I'm only visitor numeral 22?!?!?!" so yea... bye!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth day!!!!

Happy Earth day every one! CP is going green! help clean up CP and earn the Recycle badge. Here are where the rubbish is.

The 1st item is at the Coffee Shop:

The 2nd one is at the Pet Shop:

The 3rd one is at the Cove:

The 4th one is at the Dojo Courtyard:

The 5th one is at the Book Room:

The 6th one is at the Forest:

The 7th one is at the Ski Village:

The 8th, and the last one is at the Mine Shack:

Congratulation penguin! You’ve completed the recycle Hunt, and are now eligible to claim your prize :D !

Just click on ‘Claim Prize’ to get your reward! The prize that you get is the Recycle Pin! Check it out…

Now that you have that cool Recycle Pin, you can visit the recycle Plant in the Mine Shack! Check it out…

*Pictures by Vipansh

In the Recycle Plant Room, when you throw snow balls, you through the trash you collected in the Recycle/Scavenger hunt! Try it out yourself! I also got the news that the Recycle Plant is gonna stay after the Earth day party Ends! That’s Fantastic! What do you think? Comment and tell us! In the end, just spread the message, and awareness about earth protection



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New "Penguin Style" April 2010 Issue Cheats!

New Penguin Style April 2010 Issue Cheats!

Here's the new hidden items cheats for the April 2010 issue of the Penguin Styles catalog!

To find the Red Viking Helmet:

Step 1. Go to page 6.
Step 2. Click on the bubble that's circled below.

To find the Blue Viking Helmet:

Step 1. Go to page 6.
Step 2. Open and close the Red Viking Helmet four times.

To find the Green Face Paint:

Step 1. Go to page 7.
Step 2. Click on the purple light.

To find the Cocoa Bunny Costume:

Step 1. Go to page 9.
Step 2. Click on the "G" in the word "PENGUINS".

To find the Cocoa Bunny Ears:

Step 1. Go to page 10.
Step 2. Click on the mini tree.

To find the Dazzling Blue Top Hat:

Step 1. Go to page 11.
Step 2. Click on the water bottle.

To find the Top Hat:

Step 1. Go to page 11.
Step 2. Click on the white cups.

To find the Dazzling Blue Tux:

Step 1. Go to page 13.
Step 2. Click on the camera.

To find the the Brunette and the Purple Spring Dress:

Step 1. Go to page 15.
Step 2. Click on the tip of the tree.

To find the Pastel Suede Jacket:

Step 1. Go to page 16.
Step 2. Click on the top of the mountain.

To find the Pom Pom Scarf:

Step 1. Go to page 16.
Step 2. Click on the tip of the tree.

To find the Jade Necklace:

Step 1. Go to page 19.
Step 2. Click on the snowman's black hat.

To find the Pink Snorkle:

Step 1. Go to page 19.
Step 2. Click on the snowman's nose.

To find the Pink Flippers:

Step 1. Go to page 19.
Step 2. Click on "C" in "CLEARANCE".

This month's "Penguins At Work" is the brand new Water Suit 3000 custome.

Check out the new backgrounds! They're the Recycle Decal and the Zigzag background.

Thanks to:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

And the party will be at....

I have decided that the party will be in: Alpine. If Alpine is full at 12:00 sharp comment and I will try see them before the party is over and we will move the party to Deep Freeze. Again if Deep Freeze is full, we'll do the same thing and move to Cloudy. Everyone got that? I will tell you who's house the party will be in. Make sure you're there! More another day!



For a inside scoop on the party and a chance to meet mwah AND be my buddy on CP (no deletion afterwards) do the following:

Look in all the past posts for letters I am putting in. They will make a sentence. Comment the sentence and the first person will get the prize above.


1. *Letters ar*


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy almost aniversery Stars@CP!!!!

Aniversery time is nearly here! It's almost been a full year of blogging! In April, it's's aniversery! So I want to celebrate! On the 11th of April (that's a Sunday by the way) at 12:00am I'm having a Party at- -opps! It's a surprise! I'll tell you more tomorrow and some of the days following! It's the 2nd weekend of the month (this is in the southern hemisphere so make sure you remember that because for some of you that will be a different time and day). So make sure you come! And to do that you have to be invited... MORE TOMORROW!!!

Stars out!!!

P.S I'll let you in on a secret... Shhh! Lean in closer... that's it..... nice and close.... scroll down a bit and see a secret way to get in.....

SUCKER!!!!!! ;P

1. *You ha*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I see from watching the live feed that some of you are landing up here by serching for things like "ChrisDog93 tracker" whatever that's surposed to mean and "ChisDog93 chat room" if that exsists so well yeah! I just wanna say: "Why don't you get here by searching for me?!?!?!"


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comunity Page!

I'm gonna start showin' the stuff from off the "Fan Gallery: Penguins around the world!" page here on the blog!

3. *found t*

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Me; The Geek!!

I maneged to celebrate the year in coins!!!!

I now have 2010 coins!!!!
I'm also dressed up as a geek;

Aren't I-snort-COOL?!?!?!?!?!


Some Book Codes

Here are some book codes:


Q: Page 9

A: Sometimes

Q: Page 35

A: Misses

Q: Page 40

A: Examples

Q: Page 62

A: Pictures

Q: Page 63

A: How

Q: Page 64

A: Fishing

Q: Page 65

A: Storage

Q: Page 71

A: Seats

Q: Page 71

A: Musical

Q: Page 73

A: Search

Q: Page 75

A: Tossing

Q: Page 77

A: Buying

Q: Page 101

A: Donated

Q: Page 117

A: Jerseys

Q: Page 118

A: Squads

Q: Page 140

A: Breeze

Q: Page 141

A: Combined

Q: Page 143

2. *ve (hurrah!)*

A: Secret

Q: Page 154

A: Arena

Q: Page 155

A: Queen

Q: Page 156

A: Small

Q: Page 169

A: Start

Q: Page 171

A: Annual

Q: Page 175

A: Crown

Q: Page 176

A: Item

Q: Page 179

A: Penguins

Q: Page 182

A: Actions


Q: Page 1

A: Stowaway

Q: Page 6

A: Mysterious

Q: Page 7

A: Rockhopper

Q: Page 21

A: Migrator

Q: Page 25

A: Yarr

Q: Page 40

A: Waterfall

Q: Page 52

A: Deck

Q: Page 80

A: Penguin

Q: Page 177

A: Puffle


Q: Page 5

A: Board

Q: Page 5

A: Good

Q: Page 6

A: Plans

Q: Page 6

A: Extreme

Q: Page 7

A: Where

Q: Page 8

A: Round


Q: Page 5

A: Matter

Q: Page 5

A: Fashions

Q: Page 5

A: Give

Q: Page 5

A: Decides

Q: Page 30

A: Super

Q: Page 80

A: Messages


Q:Page 6


Q. Page 7

A. Staff

Q. Page 5

A. Inside


Q. Page 3
A. Flipper

Q. Page 3
A. Acting

Q. Page 3
A. Bright

Q. Page 3,
A. Show


Q: Page 43

A: Snowballs

Q: Page 75

A: Will

Q: Page 26

A: Bubble

Q: Page 33

A: Puffle


Pingu Ninja2



If you have any more book codes of cheats to share comment them to me


Saturday, March 13, 2010

What took them so LONG?!?!?!

Finally there is a cool colour puffle out!!! I want to buy 12!?!? If you havn't already herd ORANGE puffles have come out and man am I excited!!!! If you can't tell my fave, fave, FAVE colour is ORANGE and I have to have one!!!!!!!! Updates later I gotta run, gotta buy the puffle -huff- now!!!

up there!!

P.S if you don't get the "up there!!" thing it's like up there as in "the Stars are 'up there'"