Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy almost aniversery Stars@CP!!!!

Aniversery time is nearly here! It's almost been a full year of blogging! In April, it's's aniversery! So I want to celebrate! On the 11th of April (that's a Sunday by the way) at 12:00am I'm having a Party at- -opps! It's a surprise! I'll tell you more tomorrow and some of the days following! It's the 2nd weekend of the month (this is in the southern hemisphere so make sure you remember that because for some of you that will be a different time and day). So make sure you come! And to do that you have to be invited... MORE TOMORROW!!!

Stars out!!!

P.S I'll let you in on a secret... Shhh! Lean in closer... that's it..... nice and close.... scroll down a bit and see a secret way to get in.....

SUCKER!!!!!! ;P

1. *You ha*

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