Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go behind the chat bar

To go behind the chat bar, first go to a room where you can you down the side of the chat bar. The only place I know of at the moment is a split level igloo. Go down the side of the chat bar. Once you have done that click the other side of the chat bar. This may be tricky. The split will stop you and you will be behind the chat bar!
You can also go to the coffee shop and do this but you won't stop in the middle.

Boncular Fun

There is something cool at the Cove I want you guys to see. To see it follow these simple steps.
  1. Log In
  2. Go to The Cove
  3. Click on the bonoculars on the life Gard's chair.
  4. Wait from 10sec-1min
  5. Comment on what you see!
I know what you will see but I want to make it surprise. Tomorrow the new poll is coming out and you can vote on what you saw. Oh and those who don't know wear any thing is I have pictures to show you. The first is the start button.

Paying Jobs!

Good News! Soon, if you are a Secret Agent or a Tour Guide, you will be paid!
I am trying to get a preview of the cheek you will get in the mail. I will update soon.

Weekly Poll

Hey everyone!
As you can see I know have a weekly poll. Please remember to keep updated at read all of my posts so you know what you want to vote for. This week you need to check out the "My Igloo" posting, for the question is "Do you like my igloo?". So you will need to see the posting about it two posts down from this post. Make sure you also comment about my blog.

See Ya!

Secret Emotes

I know most of you will know these but I will put them up anyway. The "CP Times", the CP news paper, mentioned these once in the "secrets revealed" page. The secret emotes, as you can tell, you can't find on your emote list. You have to use keys on the keyboard to access them. Here is the list of combos you have to use. I will also include the shortcuts to dance, sit and shortcuts to the other emotes. To start click OUTSIDE the chat box.

  • push "w" : wave
  • push "t" :throw snowball
  • push "o" say: ok
  • push "y" say: yes
  • hold e+p: puffle emote
  • push "s" : sit in the direction your penguin is facing
  • push "d": dance
  • hold e+d: day emote
  • hold e+f: flower emote
  • hold e+g: game remote emote
  • hold e+h: heart emote
  • push "b"say: Good-bye
  • hold e+n: night emote
  • push "n" say: no
  • hold e+m: money/coin emote
Remember to click OUTSIDE the chat box or this won't work.
Please remember to scroll down to the my Igloo post and vote about it at the top.
Here are the pictures of the emotes. I don't have the heart because you all have that one.

My Igloo

This is what my igloo looks like:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cool Thingy

I found something you may want to see. It's not that cool and most of you probably know it but those of you that don't know here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Club Penguin Home Page.
  2. Look next to the light house on the right.
  3. Find the blue Secret Agent Phone.
  4. Click the phone.
  5. See What happens!
Special Ninja Secrets and Tricks

If you are wearing the full ninja outfit and then use the dance action, you will become invisible. If you are only holding the hand gong and use the dance action, you will make a gong noise. I know no more, but this blog does. He\she got all the secrets while they were still around. Here is the info he\she got:

Ninja Sightings

Here is a list of all the known Club Penguin Ninja sightings, along with instructions on how to spot them. If you know of any new sightings that aren’t shown here, please post in the comments and I will give you full credit.

Ninja Shadow at the Nightclub (outside)

Go to the town on your map and then click on the big N in the nightclub sign. A ninja shadow will appear and do a quick jump move and then disappear behind the sign again.

Ninja Poster in the Dojo

You can see a secret ninja poster inside the Dojo. Go to the dojo on your map and then click on all five light bulbs in order from left to right. Then click on the sign that says, Wear a Hard Hat. A ninja poster will appear in place of the sign.

Click on the five light bulbs in order then click on the sign

Click on the five light bulbs in order then click on the sign

A secret ninja poster!

A secret ninja poster!

Ninja Shadow Inside the Lighthouse

Sometimes when you enter the lighthouse, a ninja shadow will appear on top of the netting next to the ship’s wheel. This doesn’t happen every time so you might need to leave and re-enter a few times to see it.

Ninja in the Ski Lodge Mirror

There is part of a penguin shadow in the mirror in the ski lodge. Every fifteen minutes (for example, at 9:00, 9:15, 9:30 and 9:45) you will briefly see the shadow lean over a little bit. It happens really quick so pay very close attention.

Secret Ninja Message in Newspaper

Issue #160 of the Club Penguin Times has one of the best secrets about ninjas: a hidden message. Go to page A2 and click on the N-I-N-J-A letters in the headline about the lightning strike. Click on each letter in order! When you do, you will see a secret ninja message appear. It’s a haiku that reads:

fire, water, snow
the triangle of power
your journey's first step

Ninjas in the Dojo During the Lightning Storm

This happened during the lightning storm on Club Penguin during the Halloween party in 2008 but stopped when the Dojo was damaged by a lightning strike, so you can’t see it anymore. During the really big lightning strikes, you could see a ninja appear in one of the windows in the Dojo.

Ninja Shadows in the Dojo During Construction

The ninja shadows in the Dojo windows re-appeared after the lightning storm but now there’s a special secret trick you need to do to see them. You must be playing Club Penguin in Big Screen mode. Go to the Dojo and move your mouse cursor a little to the left in the white area next to the game screen. It will turn into a hand cursor when you find the right spot. Then click and a ninja shadow will appear in one of the windows. If you click a few times you will see the ninja shadows appear in three different windows.

Ninja Shadow at the Plaza

Every five minutes, you will see a ninja shadow jump onto the top of the Pet Shop in the plaza. It arrives from the top and then lands right behind the big blue puffle sign before jumping away to the left. It moves very quickly so keep an eye out for it.

On the Video Monitors in PSA Headquarters

Every five minutes you can see several ninja shadows appear on the top row of video monitors in the PSA HQ. It happens really quick, but on the top row, five ninja shadows appear in the monitors quickly moving towards the camera. They then disappear and are replaced by signs that say, WE DON’T EVEN EXIST.

In the November, 2008 Clothing Catalog

Go to the page with the yellow penguin holding a snow shovel and look at his shadow. It is a ninja shadow wearing a ninja headband!

I give this person FULL credit for what they have found. That is all I have found. If I find out more of what had gone on in this or an other event I will post about it. Please be sure to cheek it out when I do post about it.


That is all

See You!


Better Igloos- April to May Catalog

Here is the secrets for the better igloos catalog out at the moment


April - May Better Igloos


  • Bird Bath - 480 Coins
  • Bulrushes - 340 Coins
  • Poodle Plant - 430 Coins
  • Sunset Flowers - 310 Coins
  • Ficus Plant - 320 Coins
  • Large House Plant - 570 Coins


  • Garden - 200 Coins
  • Small House Plant - 200 Coins
  • Snake Grass - 230 Coins
  • Princess Armoire - 700 Coins
  • Princess Throne - 500 Coins
  • Princess Vanity - 600 Coins


There’s also 2 new options added to the Garden item in the Better Igloos Catalog! To access them click and hold (after you add it to your igloo) the dirt and use your arrow keys to change options!


Ill be turning my igloo into a sea of green!

  • Green Plush Couch - 500 Coins
  • Deck Chair - 400 Coins
  • Bookcase - 750 Coins
  • Green Chair - 300 Coins
  • Vase - 350 Coins

Lots of new items, same with the cheats!

April - May Better Igloos Cheats


Click the first bush in the Poodle Plant for the Wheelbarrow (480 Coins).


Click the second Corn Stalk for the Picket Fence (100 Coins).



Click the Electric Guitar Shadow Box for the Disco Ball (700 Coins).


Click the word Puffle for the White Puffle Poster (75 Coins).



Click the Koi Pond for the Ice Table (350 Coins).


Click the Pinata for the Aquarium (500 Coins - Fish Included)

This is all thanks to this site: CP Cheats


Club Penguin Coin Cheats

Always wanted to be rich on Club Penguin? This page has club penguin cheats and tutorials to help you become rich on Club Penguin, so that you can buy those clothes, or decorate your igloo the way you want to. Press Control + F on your keyboard to find the game you need. Comment this page if you know any other club penguin coin cheats.

How to Earn More Coins in Thin Ice

Here are the instructions on how to play Thin Ice. If you already know the basics to Thin Ice. Scroll down for cheats (Click to enlarge):

Use this guide I made to help you beat the entire game and receive the most coins as possible.

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Level 6:

Level 7:

Level 8:

Level 9:

Level 10:

Level 11:

Level 12:

Level 13:

Level 14:

Level 15:

Level 16:

Level 17:

Level 18:

Level 19:

How to Earn More Coins in DJ3K

The new DJ3K game was recently released in the Music Jam 2008 Party. Find DJ3K at the Night Club.

The point of the game is to make a song and use effects like a DJ. Here are some tips to earn more coins in DJ3K:

1. Create tones, by adding sounds to make a beat. Use the following buttons to create tones:

2. Do not add too many sounds. Try to keep the penguin happy, with a nice tone and not too many sounds.

3. Stay online on the game for 5 minutes without doing anything on the game. Exit the game, and earn over 200 coins.

How to Earn More Coins in Aqua Grabber

Here are the instructions for Aqua Grabber. If you already know the basics to Aqua Grabber, scroll down for cheats.

1. If your ship fills up with water, your ship will sink and crash causing you to lose a life.

2. Find bubbles. These bubbles will empty out the water in your submarine.

3. Jump out of the water if possible. It will release all of the water in your submarine.

4. Grab the pearls from the clams, when they are asleep. Be sure not to wake them.

5. Watch the amount of water in your submarine. If there is a lot of water either find a bubble or rise above the water. Look when it starts to look like this.

6. Bring a pink puffle with you. It blows bubbles so when you need air it will take some water out of the Aqua Grabber.

Club Penguin Cheats - Aqua Grabber Level 1, Clam Waters

Collect pearls from the small clams, while they are asleep. The black pearls are worth more coins.

Once you have got all the pearls from the top, go to the bottom right. Pick up the rock.

Drop the rock on the clam. Now, pickup the grand pearl.

Bring it up to the top and complete the level.

Club Penguin Cheats - Aqua Grabber Level 2, Soda Seas

In the new level, you have to gather items, and drop them off in the net at the top.

Find all of the kegs. Save the ones with the coral in front of them for later. Once you have gathered enough kegs of cream soda, the plants will move and you will be able to pass.

Once you’ve cleared the top, go threw the area where bubbles come from. Watch out for puffer fish.

Watch out for the giant one too. After the puffer fish the treasure will be there. Bring it back to win.

How to Earn More Coins in Jet Pack Adventure

Here are the instructions on how to play Jet Pack Adventure. If you already know the basics to Jet Pack Adventure, scroll down for cheats:

1. Try to fly into the balloons with a barrel of gasoline. This will give you extra fuel.

2. You have watch about the amount of fuel you have. The fuel meter is on the top left corner.

3. If you play through the whole entire game of Jet Pack Adventure without getting a single coin or any fuel you will receive an 1000 Coin Bonus!


How to Earn More Coins on Pizzatron3000

Here are the instructions on how to play Pizzatron3000. If you already know the basics to Pizzatron3000, scroll down for cheats (Click to enlarge):


1. Before you even start to play Pizzatron3000, switch the red lever on the home page for Pizzatron3000.


2. Put items on left to right. For example, always do the sauce or icing first, the sprinkles second, and toppings last (Click to enlarge):

3. Play the whole game. The farther that you get the higher score you will get. Try to keep a streak with few mistakes.

How to Earn More Coins on Hydro Hopper

Here are the instructions on how to play Hydro Hopper. If you already know the basics to Hydro Hopper, scroll down for cheats:

Before playing Hydro Hopper, make sure you have one of your wake boards on. They get more coins.

1. Try to get the life tubes. They will give you an extra life.


Life tubes look like this.

2. Try to hop over the items by left-clicking with your mouse. This gets more coins.

3. Don’t try to jump over buoys. Buoys will knock you off your tube.

How to Earn More Coins in Treasure Hunt

Here are the instructions for Bean Counters. If you already know the basics to Bean Counters, scroll down for cheats:

Treasure Hunt is a new game, located in Rockhopper’s Quarters. Here are some tips for Treasure Hunt.

1. Work together with your partner to find gems, coins, hidden items.

2. A sparkle indicates a gem. Use this to help find all of them.

3. Try to find two sparkles next to each other. This means a gem or crystal is near.

4. Dig your lines further away from each other. It will help finding sparkles much easier.

Different items are worth different amounts. Here is a table with how much each item is worth.

  • Coins are worth more than one coin.
  • Gems are worth more than 25 coins.
  • Crystals are worth 100 coins.

How to Earn More Coins on Bean Counters

Here are the instructions for Bean Counters. If you already know the basics to Bean Counters, scroll down for cheats (Click to enlarge):


1. Your penguin can only hold 5 bags of coffee beans on his back before he collapses to the ground.

2. Try to catch as many Coffee Bags as possible, to get the highest score. View the score in the top right corner.

3. Drop off your Coffee Bags when there are little or no bags coming from the truck.

How to Earn More Coins in My Puffle

Here is the cover for My Puffle. If you already have seen the cover scroll down for cheats

When the puffle walks out the door, push the door all the way back (Click to enlarge):

Choose beach. Lift up the bucket. Not the one with the penguin holding it (Click to enlarge):

Lift the lighthouse up, The coin will bounce up when the lighthouse falls back down (Click to enlarge):

Pull the sky down (Click to enlarge):

Pull the sky down. This one is harder, because the coin moves (Click to enlarge):

There are no coins on the last page. Once you have finished the game, you will receive a reward. Here is my High score (Click to enlarge):

How to Earn More Coins in Burnt Out Bulbs

Here is the cover for Burnt Out Bulbs. If you already have seen the cover scroll down for cheats (Click to enlarge):

On the first page where you have to type, type all the way down to where it says “burned out,” and then push the puck left fast. (Click to enlarge):

The next page is just a dark page. Put your mouse over the top left corner before you start typing. (Click to enlarge).

On the next page, once the picture pops up, put your mouse over the piano. Click and then drag the coin quickly (Click to enlarge).

On the next page, when the picture appears, click the bottom of the clock. Fred will come out with a coin (Click to enlarge).

The next page is a little tricky. Once you get the picture up, move the wooden floor by clicking and dragging them. Move it in the following directions in this order: right, left, up, and down. A coin will pop up in the bottom right corner. You have to go really fast to get the coin. (Click to enlarge).

On the next page, once the picture has appeared, click each tile, until it is the same pattern as it is on the puffle poster. The puffle will open the black droor with a coin (Click to enlarge).

On the next page, once you have set the lights, drag the red circle piece in the center up. A coin will pop up under the center piece (Click to enlarge).

There is no hidden coin on the last page. Once you finish the book, you will get a reward. Here is my high score (Click to enlarge).

How to Earn More Coins on Catchin’ Waves

Here are the instructions for Catchin’ Waves. If you already know the basics on Catchin’ Waves, scroll down for cheats (Click to enlarge):


1. Survival Mode earns a lot of coins and can get you them really quickly.

2. If it is your first time playing I recommend trying Surf Lesson.

3. When you surf while wearing any of the Surfboards on your player card, you will surf faster.

4. Try doing tricks by using the arrow keys, mouse, and left clicking.

5. Avoid the floating Ice Bergs. They will knock you off of your surfboard.

6. There will be warnings when an Ice Berg is coming. It is an explanation point.

How to Earn More Coins on Ice Fishing

Here are the instructions for Ice Fishing. If you already know the basics on Ice Fishing, scroll down for cheats (Click To enlarge):

1. Always use the new, flashing fishing rod, for Ice Fishing. This will allow you to catch the silver fish:


2. When you have a fish on your hook avoid the floating objects. They will knock your fish off the hook.

3. Once you see a shadow, catch a silver or yellow fish and keep it on your hook. Use it for bait on the big fish named Mullet.

4. Sharks and jellyfish will knock your worm off your hook. Watch out for them.

5. Look for cans of worms floating by. These will give you an extra worm for fishing.

6. Crabs will bite your fishing line. This will lose a worm. Bring your line above water.

How to Earn More Coins on Cart Surfer

Here are the instructions for Cart Surfer. If you already know the basics on Cart Surfer, scroll down (Click To enlarge):


1. Before you start, make sure that you are wearing the Lime Green Color. It will make you go faster!

2. Make sure to only do the back flip and side spin tricks. They earn the most coins.

  • Flip keyboard trigger - Down arrow + space bar.

  • Spin keyboard trigger - Space bar + right or left arrow.

3. When you are at turns make sure to press the down arrow and hold the arrow key needed to make the turn. This gets more coins than a normal turn.

4. Do not do the same trick twice. This decreases the score. View your score in the top right corner.

How To Make More Coins on Puffle Round-Up

Here are the instructions for Puffle Round-Up. If you already know the basics on Puffle Round-Up, scroll down for cheats:

1. Try to get the Puffles in a group before you chase them into the Pen. It makes it easier to catch them.

2. Try to turn the puffles that are closest to the edge around first. You can gather more puffles this way.

3. Watch your time meter. It shows how many seconds are left. View it in the top right corner.

4. Play as many rounds as you can. The more rounds that you play the more coins you receive.

How To Earn More Coins in Astro Barrier

Here are the instructions for Astro Barrier. If you already know the basics on Astro Barrier, scroll down for cheats:


1. There are three secret cheats to skip levels in Astro Barrier.

  • On the home page, press 1 on your keyboard to go to level 10.
  • On the home page, press 2 on your keyboard to go to level 20.
  • On the home page, press 3 on your keyboard to go to level 30.

2. Once you have completed Level 10, wait 25-30 Seconds. Shoot the blue ship with one of your bullets. It will take you to secret levels.


3. Once you complete level 30, wait 30-45 seconds until the blue ship appears. Shoot, and have the turret hit the ship, to go to expert levels.

How To Earn More Coins in Sled Racing

1. Try to slide over the blue ice patches. These make you ride much faster.

2. Watch out for obstacles rocks, jumps, and logs. They can knock you off your sled.

3. Watch out before you jump over a hill. There could be obstacles on the other side.

Copied off: Hack3RZ Elite

Thanks Hack3RZ Elite soooo much!