Sunday, April 26, 2009

Secret Emotes

I know most of you will know these but I will put them up anyway. The "CP Times", the CP news paper, mentioned these once in the "secrets revealed" page. The secret emotes, as you can tell, you can't find on your emote list. You have to use keys on the keyboard to access them. Here is the list of combos you have to use. I will also include the shortcuts to dance, sit and shortcuts to the other emotes. To start click OUTSIDE the chat box.

  • push "w" : wave
  • push "t" :throw snowball
  • push "o" say: ok
  • push "y" say: yes
  • hold e+p: puffle emote
  • push "s" : sit in the direction your penguin is facing
  • push "d": dance
  • hold e+d: day emote
  • hold e+f: flower emote
  • hold e+g: game remote emote
  • hold e+h: heart emote
  • push "b"say: Good-bye
  • hold e+n: night emote
  • push "n" say: no
  • hold e+m: money/coin emote
Remember to click OUTSIDE the chat box or this won't work.
Please remember to scroll down to the my Igloo post and vote about it at the top.
Here are the pictures of the emotes. I don't have the heart because you all have that one.

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