Friday, August 21, 2009

How to get 100% on Elite Penguin Force!

Here are the steps to get 100% on Elite Penguin Force! Thanks, Ross103!

100% Requirements:
Finish missions 1- 13

Get following requirements on minigames:

Snow Boarding:
50 for King of the Mountain Silver Medal
100 for King of the Mountain Gold Medal

Cart Surfing:
100 for Rail Kahuna Silver Medal
150 for Rail Kahuna Gold Medal

Ice Fishing:
Get squid to suck up chest for Golden Chest Medal
Get fish to use as bait for mullet to get Golden Mullet Medal

Jet Pack Adventure:
130 for Rocket Ace Silver Medal
150 (EVERY COIN!) for Rocket Ace Gold Medal

Dance Challenge:
80 for Night Club Fever Silver Medal
120 for Night Club Fever Gold Medal

Snow Trekker:
200 for Snow Trekker Rocket Medal
260 (EVERY COIN!) for Snow Trekker Lightning Medal

Now, if you die or run out of time or fans before the game is over, you will still get coins, but not medals. I had all 260 coins in Snow Trekker but didn’t make the goal in time and didn’t get the medals until I retried and finished before the clock ran out. In Dance Challenge, I got 193, but didn’t get the medal just because I messed up 3 time. I finally used a pencil to write down everything and ended up having to use it on my touch screen because I wasn’t fast enough switching between stylus and pencil. Don’t get disappointed if these things happen to you!

WOW! That’s so awesome! Thanks again, Ross103!


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