Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Contest!

The title says it all!!! We're having a new contest here @ CP cheats & secrets! B4 we get in2 this whole thing, I've got 2 say 2 things. 1 sorry I have been gone so long and 2 I got 2 comments I'd like to share. One person said that this reminded them of pengu, the tv program! and the other person said that they think it's good that I give criedits, and I think it's important that you give criedits or really it's stealing. So enough of that, lets get in2 this! I'm going to tell you the questions and then I'll get the fist person to speedily answer all the questions and give them a secret prize... shhhh! If the winner does not claim the prize 2 days after I declaire them winner, I will give the runner up the prize and sorry mate, it's all over for you!

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